We are a local roaster established at the Atwater Market that specializes in roasting and importing high quality coffees. We stand out from our competitors and appeal to our customers because of our products value and our warm customer service. To improve our customer service, we recently developed an online ordering and delivery system.






I recently moved to the neighbourhood and was very happy to discover this burn site. The quality of the roasting and the food in general is second to none. I always take the opportunity to stop by the roastery when I do my shopping to stock up on coffee.
Mathieu Lajeunesse
I live on the South Shore but I often take advantage of my trips to Montreal to stop by the Brûlerie aux Quatre Vents to buy my coffee. There is a wide variety of high quality products that are worth a stop. I love being able to choose from coffees that come from all over the world.
Louis Lapierre
I am a senior woman who often go to the Atwater Market to do my groceries and take walks. I always stop at the market to get my coffee and chat with my friends and their very friendly staff.
Georgette Beaudoin
My wife and I have been drinking coffee every day for a long time. Since we've tried several different coffees from this roastery, we've been sold out! We buy our coffee there and the employees always give us excellent information about where it comes from and what it tastes like.
Phillipe Landry